Humidur® is the brand of protective and marine coatings developed by Acotec. With 30 years of expertise in anti-corrosion coatings, anti-fouling coatings and top coats, Humidur® offers solutions to a wide variety of markets: the offshore oil and gas market, petrochemical industry, shipping, marine industry and energy market.

All Humidur® coatings are 2-component solvent-free liquid modified epoxy coatings offering following benefits:

Humidur applied on Ursa Tension Leg Platform - Shell USA

Humidur was applied as anti-corrosion protection on the Ursa Tension Leg Platform in the Gulf of Mexico

Protection of concrete chlorination tanks - Backus SAB Miller

For the largest brewery in Peru, Acotec coated the concrete chlorination tanks in Pucallpa

Acotec is member of:

Chinese Classification Society American Bureau of Shipping American Association of Port Authorities The European Small Hydropower Association The International Association of Ports and Harbors National Association of Corrosion Engineers  The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure The Society For Protective Coatings British Hydropower Association